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ectal thermometer
24 May 1973
aging, ambiguity, analog synths, anxiety, aork, aqua teen hunger force, artificial flavors, atonality, bangs, beeps, beer, bjork, black adder, blips, blunt objects, boops, bork, brainsicles, bug-eyed earl, candy, captain crunch, chupacabra, clangs, clicks, clockwork orange, cold lampin', complaining, cork, coulrophobia, crackles, craptain cunch, david cronenberg, death, decay, destroying tiny backpacks, diurnal emissions, dork, doubt, early music, electronic music, eork, ephemeral obsessions, extra dry virgin martinis, fatboy slim, fawlty towers, fear, fork, frozen confectioneries, fuck, futurama, glengarry glen ross, gork, hallucination, hisses, hollister, hork, humor, humorous haiku, i, importance grown in hindsight, inane technobabble, industrial safety, interests, iork, irony, james taylor, john zorn, jork, kids in the hall, kork, kozmo, kubrick, language, legos, life, lork, macs, masada, me, metrophobia, mike leigh's naked, misunderstandings, model apartment, monody, monty python, mork, mouse on mars, my powermac, myself, new versions, nick cave, noise, nork, nothing, orc, os x, painkiller, panic attacks, paste, picture books, pings, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, polyphony, pops, pork, profanity, propellerhead reason, propellerheads, quark, radiohead, red dwarf, red meat, revolution, rork, rubin and ed, sacrificial offerings, seattle, sexi-nuggets, shock, steve martin, stork, strunk and white, the amazing xcam, the cardigans, the dictionary, the hives, the pixies, the stooges, the talking heads, the tao, the viewsonic birds, the young ones, they might be giants, tom waits, torque, tragedy lite, uork, uvulas, velvet underground, vice, video games, vork, vulva, weasel jamming, whirs, whistles, xork, york, you, zork